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The IGET Bar Plus Pod represents a revolutionary vaping device, up to 6000 puffs. It incorporates advanced mesh coil technology, ensuring a heightened and pure taste experience. Available in a wide variety of delightful and fruity flavours as interchangeable pods, the IGET Bar Plus Pod is meticulously designed to deliver an outstanding and pleasurable vaping journey.
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Customer satisfaction is our first goal at our online vape shop in Australia. We work hard to give our clients the most incredible shopping experience possible, from choosing a product from our extensive range to getting their orders quickly and safely. Our extensive selection of premium vape items from leading manufacturers enables our clients to find what they want. Additionally, we have a group of knowledgeable customer support agents who are always willing to assist with any queries or issues. We also provide a satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on orders over $99 so that our customers can be confident they're making a purchase they'll be delighted with.

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Earning Rewards Customers earn reward points for every purchase they make on our website. The number of points earned is based on the amount of money spent. $1 spent = 1 point $50 spent = 50 points $100 spent = 100 points Redeeming Rewards Customers can redeem their rewards points for a variety of prizes, including: * Discounts on future purchases * Free shipping * Exclusive access to new products * Early access to sales * gifts Minimum 500 point eligibility to claim discount on subsequent purchases Once you reach 500 points, email Us at We redeem points to the same person on our records We are not sending any products as a gift to anyone under the age of 18 Reward start from 5 percent up to 15 percent Depending on the sequence of your purchases Expiration Rewards points expire after one year of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as not making a purchase on our website for a period of one year. Other Terms and Conditions The rewards program is subject to change at any time. We reserve the right to terminate the rewards program at any time. We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions of the rewards program at any time.
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